Our broadcast is 24-7 on the internet via webcast. All programming can be watched live and on-demand via each ministry's webcast. Visit each ministry section to learn more.

iPhone/iPad App

If you have an iphone or ipad, you can easily download the application to watch. Download the "ABNSat" app today.


We broadcast on 9+ IPTV outlets to expand our broadcast. We broadcast via Maax, Planet, Joozoor, Roku, Zaap, and other IPTV outlets. Contact us if you would like to see us broadcast via a new IPTV/SmartTV outlet.


We have several youtube pages where you can watch our videos: Arabic Gospel, Aramaic Gospel ABN, ABN Worshiping, Kurdish Gospel, Arabs for Christ, Arabic Praise Songs, Arabs for Jesus,Nranmlk, and others.